Artist Statement

My paintings are series of exploration, not an attempt at perfection or a finite end result. Each series in turn is a new journey rather than the seeking of improvement or betterment. These micro and macro stories are incantations not prescriptions. Art history and personal history meld in each series and in every piece. The down mark of the brush can create a line that resonates with Chinese calligraphy or one that could well be lifted straight from a Bacon painting. The same mark can denote a musing on love, a question about faith or a moment of desire.

Passion and sense of longing is never far from my creative practice, with desire being a major motivation within my art work and reflection of this desire being apparent on the canvas. My work is inspired by the motivation to create objects that reflect a certain truth, harmony or beauty, with my evocation of the work of others being a part of my desire to possess.

This craving for pleasure and possession is, for me, as much about spiritual interest as it is about human nature, with the struggle to square desire with fulfilment, both physical and spiritual, being at the core of artistic endeavour, faith and philosophy. Repetition on canvas becomes a Buddhist chant and takes on an almost meditative effect in this battle with will, unrequited love and the empty canvas.

This area of desire is such a double-edged sword, at once conjuring up a utopian happiness yet having the potential to deliver only embitterment and disappointment. Spiritual enlightenment has never been mooted as being attainable through giving in to desire, which is only ever seen in the negative in religion and in high thinking. There is an idea that nothing good can ever come from wanting, yet without it we are not human. Without dreams and optimism we cannot create beauty.

My work explores this area through process, examining the catharsis of creation and channelling of energy into work in order to both sublimate and investigate these notions of longing and wanting. As the great philosophers have found, there is no one solution to this question of love, lust and desire or the joy and trouble it brings, but my work will continue making the search, making the marks and creating new stories, one brush mark at a time.